Friday, May 20, 2011

My changing waistline

I do not fit into my jeans all.  I totally love being pregnant and am constantly amazed at the way my body is growing and changing and shifting things around to fit a little bump in there.  But, I struggle with figuring out what to wear, how to continue to wear what I currently have without spending tons of money on maternity clothes.

I came across a blog that gave me a great suggestion for what to do with your jeans.  This is perfect!  At first, I could zip it up but just needed help with the buttoning.  But  now, the zipper stays down.  Thank god for my hair ties!

And I refuse to buy a belly band!  I know, I may end up getting one, but I really, really really don't want one.  Anyone else think they look medieval?

I still find myself looking in the mirror in amazement that this is my body.  Being in touch and tune with the growing, stretching, changing body is remarkable.  I am so thankful that I can experience this once in my lifetime and hope to have very few bad days when I look in the mirror and think I just look fat, really, really fat.

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luke and pamela said...

i've always thought the pregnant body is the most beautiful body! but maternity clothes have always bothered me (super expensive, you can only wear them for a few months, and what is with those giant patterns?). this time, i invested in some maternity leggings from target which i wore almost every day (they are almost too comfortable), and then got some things from h&m which always carries regular sized clothes that work while pregnant too. :) i am so excited for you!