Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer plans

I am a list-maker.  I make lists, add things to them, then, one by one, cross things off my list.  For some people, my lists are a bit much.  But I find that it motivates me to get things done.  Otherwise, I'll just keep thinking of all the things I want to do, but never get them done.   These lists are ways for me to overcome my Gemini-ness...  we start things that we never finish.  We have millions of things going on at once.  Lots of balls in the air.

So, now that I have the next 6 weeks off, here's my summer list:

Re-plumb the house!
New roof
Remove old wall heater...make wall shelf in its place
Paint kitchen
Remove carpet in baby room
New carpet?  Hardwood floors?
Paint baby room
Make baby stuff -
     * baby hats
     * baby mobile
Read non-baby related books (fiction!)
Take a few trips out of state
Weekend camping trips with hubby and pup
Weekly yoga classes
Get birthing ball and figure out what to do with it

Okay, the first 3 things on this list will be done by Mr. C and some other skilled roofers....but I'm keeping it on the list.  How much do you think I'll get done by October?