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Mujeres del desierto

I’ve been away from the desert since November of last year.I haven’t gone on patrol in over 6 months.At first, I just needed a break from the work, and I felt tired and overwhelmed.Back in March, my time away rejuvenated me, gave me back to myself.But I still avoided going back to the desert.
I went back 3 weekends ago for the first time all summer.I have to say I was a bit anxious.Why?Because the desert sucks me in, and I am helpless to her demands.She shows me the destruction brought on by our government - the wall, the towers, the migrants’ trails - she makes me a witness to the sorrow and suffering of beautiful people, and to the beauty and miracles, the grandness and greatness of the land.I walk away determined to do something, say something, throw a fit, yell, scream, something.And, this time, I wasn’t sure I was ready yet.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it anymore.

Since I’ve been back from that weekend, I've thought alot about some of the women who touched my life without me e…