Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the dead of Winter

I think my chickens are in love with me.  Real love.  They come out of their coop when I walk outside just to see me, they follow me around the yard, they stretch their necks up to get a better view of what's in my hand.  Well, not all the chickens.  Half of them.  Three to be exact.  The other 3 act like I'm about to have them for dinner.  They're almost 5 months old and are getting ready to lay eggs.  So I decided to get a head start by putting "fake eggs" in their nesting box.  Plastic easter eggs and a golf ball.  They're not the smartest animals on earth, so I think I may have successfully tricked them into thinking they should lay their eggs near these cool-looking ones that just appeared.

 The garden is looking beautiful, in it's winter glory.  I just harvest a few pounds of swiss chard.  The kale is next.  I'm working on my compost pile and hope to have the heap of food into nice black dirt by the Spring.