Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two weeks...

Only 2 weeks to go until the big day.  I've been a bit preoccupied with the planning, less than I thought I would be, but mostly just getting the finishing touches on what will be an amazing day.  The past few days I've been talking to all of my friends coming in from out of town and feel so honored that people are actually coming into town for us.  They're putting their lives on hold for a few days, spending money and energy to be here to celebrate the's such an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness that we are surrounded by loving friends and family.

I had a bridal shower about 2 weeks ago, and about 40 women came to say hello.  Two of my dear friends threw the shower for me, along with my sisters who did some of the cooking.  The best part (aside from the amazing gifts and fun games) was seeing my grandma come up the driveway and surprise me!  She's visiting from Chicago and staying with my parents.  That means that it was unclear whether she'd "be able" to come for the shower because of what my father might say.  You see, if he told her she couldn't go, then she wouldn't go.  That's what we're dealing with here.   My mom couldn't make it, but I hold out some hope that she'll be there for the wedding...we're lighting the candles, saying our prayers.

So, thanks to the best, most amazing women I know, for making me feel utterly loved this day.  See you in two weeks!

 The 2 hostesses for the shower...Lauren and Vivian!

 Me and my grandmother

 opening anything from Victoria's Secret will make me smile

Monday, February 7, 2011

Date Night #3: Afro-Cuban and Brazilian dancing

Chris and I went to a local bar, The Lost Leaf, in the hopes of finding some good music to dance to.  To our surprise, this amazing local band Bata Ire was playing.  They played Afro-Cuban music with lots of drums and amazing rhythm.  They were amazing!  We danced our butts off all night long!

Lovely evening of music and dancing.  I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance.