Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dream weaving...

It's been a while since I can remember my dreams. So, when I woke up remembering this one vividly, I wonder about its meaning.

The dream: I am outside in a public area. Don't remember who or what was around me. I see pine trees and woods all around. Some other stuff happens that I can't remember, but the part that's vivid is the last piece. I'm walking up a slope towards the trees, woods, and see stuffed animals all around. Under each tree is a stuffed animal propped up against the tree trunk, just sitting there. And throughout the woods floor are stuffed animals just sitting around. As I'm walking towards them (maybe to pick one up and throw to my dog???) they all start to frown. Then, as I get closer, each of them has a frown face on them :(

For some reason, this is my cue that something bad is going to happen. I begin to run back down the hill/slope and tell the people all around (now there are random people around) that the flood is coming. My sister appears (older sister) and I tell her that I know this because the stuffed animals are frowning and they told me so. Well, she says that I'm over-reacting. That I cannot read animal faces. At that same time, the flood starts. Ahead of us is an arroyo (that's a dry river bed for you non-Arizonans). We must all get to the other side before being swept up by the approaching floodwaters).

We see people getting swept up, some making it, others going through some black hole tunnel/underpass. My sister and I decide we have to jump and walk through NOW before the water gets too high. We jump. Me first, but holding her hand. We push through to the other side and grab on and pull ourselves up to safety on the other side. I remember feeling that my toes are barely able to touch the ground and that my sister is the one pulling me along.

It ends with that. We make it across.

The interpretation: Crazy weird! The stuffed animals creep me out!
According my my dream dictionary:
Floods = a feeling of overwhelming circumstances invading my real life, like my "to-do" list or an emotional crisis.
= in any form, symbolizes emotions.
Flood (pt. 2) = this is my favorite interpretation:
Depending on the content of the dream and your emotional experience in it, the flood could also represent sexuality and be a sexual dream symbol.

wild animals are reps of feelings and emotions that we don't readily deal with. Symbols of dangers being swallowed by the unconscious.

OK, now it's your turn...what's your interpretation?