Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly waking up...

Happy October!

In most parts of the US people are getting ready to slow down, close up shop and recuperate after a busy summer outdoors. Not here. Nope. In Southern Arizona we're opening our doors and windows, shutting off our A/C's, making our Honey-Do list, taking out our shovels, hoes and weeders, planting our seeds, starting our outdoor projects, getting on our roofs, cleaning the gutters, cleaning up the BBQ, hanging our hammocks up in our trees, dusting off the bikes, running shoes, hiking boots and camping gear, filling the bird feeders, throwing the wildflower seeds into the dirt, and sitting back...watching life around us wake up and shake the sleep of the summer from our eyes. Good morning, Autumn.

Part of waking up is opening myself up to newness; shedding my old skin and coming anew...old habits, old memories, old tapes that used to run my life, old hurts that I couldn't let go of. Fall is a time for renewal

My list is long, but doable, now that I have a renewed energy (and an extra pair of hands) to get me through it all. We'll call him Mr. C. We have lots of work to do, Mr. C. Let's get started:

Fall Projects ~
Build chicken coop
Buy little baby chickens

Garden stuff - repair fence, plant fall crops, throw wildflower seed
Mural my wall
Finish rain harvest barrels
Fix roof...shingle repair, new tin roof on porch
Remove/reduce my pond
Remove grass...bye-bye Bermuda!

Plantings - Xeriscape front yard, fix irrigation
Top/trim big trees
Paint picnic table and benches
Walk the dogs
Go to the park
Take trips
Sleep in the hammock
Have picnics

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