Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coop progress...

Well, things started off really well. Lots of digging, planting, prepping.
Mr. C and I spent most of Saturday getting the required items for the chicken coop. The ground in my backyard is a teeny bit harder than we took quite some time digging a darn hole for posts. But, finally, got them done.

I ran around to Home Depot (which I hate going to) and Ace trying to buy the right equipment to fix my irrigation for the garden. It's really frustrating when you think you bought the right item but the size is just a tad off. Spent the rest of an afternoon at Baker's Nursery (which I love)...a local nursery that has just about everything you need for a perfect garden. I explored around, looking at the garden gnomes, the trailing mint, the beautiful all my gawking and gazing at such pretty things I bought the wrong plants! Instead of Mint: Peppermint! Instead of Oregano: Thyme!

This weekend I planted Fava beans, lettuce and spinach so far. More to come...
The chicken far

My garden...3 times the size of last year!


suntea said...

cool, Olive just planted in a our little ~2.5 x 4 bed. We'll have to ask you for advice.

luke and pamela said...

wow, amazing! so excited (and jealous) for you! our season seemed so short and is just ending where yours is just beginning. love the size of your garden!