Monday, November 24, 2008

Rescuing puppies

Jack and Ivanna

So, I'm not so sure what got into me on Friday. I received an e-mail telling the sad story of 2 dogs who's owners couldn't pay the rent anymore and packed up and left. Only, they also left their dogs behind. As the dogs were trying to jump into the car and go along...they were shoved out and left standing, watching their owners drive away. The neighbors took care of the dogs by going over to the house and feeding them and hiding them from the pound that came looking for them. They tried calling all the no-kill shelters...full, to the max...thanks to the increase in foreclosures. The only place willing to take them was the Humane Society. Only, they're also full so they'd be immediately euthanized. What was I going to do? Well...I took the pups! Not sure what I was going to do with them since I already have one that's just perfect for me. Thanks to friends, I borrowed 2 crates, some leashes, bowls, dog food and went to get my new babies.

Friday: Met the pooches, Jack and Ivanna. Cuties! Put the collar and leashes on them...they immediately laid down not sure what to do with the new things around their necks. Never leaving their house or backyard, it was a new world for them! And they didn't know how to walk with a I had to carry them into the car. Had a neutral visit with Nerina, my dog, at the park across the street to do the obligatory butt-sniffing and humping. Only Ivanna would have nothing to do with Nerina. Fangs out and tail-between-her-legs she immediately proceeds to attempt to bite her...this is not a good start! Fear-aggression is a difficult thing to work out and I know that I'll have my hands full for a while.

At the house, crates are up, room is ready for new additions. They're quarantined until they get used to the rules and norms of the house. They immediately love the crates and jump in it anytime they can (except Jack prefers to jump on it and look out the window during the day). Slept like babies all night.

Saturday: Tried to get them used to the leash. Took them for a "walk." 20 minutes later, coaxed them out of the front gate and down 2 houses...that's it! Not a bad start, I suppose. Jack's a natural retriever....loves to catch things. Ivanna just loves to follow me around, rub up against me, wag her tail, and look up at me lovingly. Then she goes over and tries to bite Nerina. Still working on that one. Jack discovered my pond...and loves to get in it and eat the algae...thanks Jack!

I can't leave them outside unsupervised yet...when I did, they dug a potted plant, ate a few t-shirts laying outside, and jumped into my garden.
They get a few good hours of sunshine, play and running around time...then, it's back in their room for a while.

Sunday: My friend, TK, visits for the day...Jack eats the corner of his book. TK will learn not to do that anymore. Jack and Ivanna sunbathe while I lay nearby on the hammock. More leash training, this time inside the backyard. Jack and Ivanna are learning "this way," "leave it," and "come."

Beautiful day.



tequila said...

You've got big balls and an even bigger heart. ;-)

Libby said...

NEW FRIENDS!!! I WANT TO MEET THEM!!! You big softy. They are sooo cute.

laura said...

Actually, Jack has the big balls...he hasn't been fixed yet!