Sunday, July 31, 2011

Letter to my son...

Dear Nico,
tomorrow you'll be 30 weeks old.  Please hang in there for 4 more weeks.  Just relax, grow, get strong and before you know it, you'll be in our arms and safe.  You are loved and perfect.  You are our miracle and I am thankful every day for the blessing you bring to my life.  These days have not been easy for us, I know you can feel my sadness, anxiety and fear.  But mostly my fear.  I hope that you can also feel my joy, excitement and wonder that you are in my life.  You're not even born yet, and you've already made me happier than I have ever been.   I am filled with thanks that we have you - even if only for a short time.  I still wake up, look at my belly, and am filled with wonder that our love has created you.  With God's grace we will get through this difficult time.  Just know that you are loved and we pray every day that miracles will happen and we will get to love and hold you close.

Your mama


luke and pamela said...

i have been wondering about you and you all! i'm happy to hear he is still inside, growing and growing.

and i LOVE the name nico!!!

tiasarah said...

i love you, laura. you and nico are on my mind and in my heart a million times over.