Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One month ago...

One month ago today Mr. C and I tied the knot!  So exciting that I call him my husband and he, my wife.  It's been a fun month and we still say we're on our honeymoon.  I get this feeling of bliss and giddyness when I'm around him, makes me feel like a schoolgirl sometimes.

This is how a conversation went when I told a co-worker that today is our month anniversary:

Me:  Today Mr. C and I have been married one month!

Her:  Really?  That's sweet.  I've been married for 28 years.

Me:  Awww...do you still love seeing him every day and being together?

Her:  Sometimes.

Then, the whole room of older, married ladies burst into laughter.  It was like an inside joke that I'm not in on, yet.  I hope that in 28 years he'll still smile when I walk into the room, or I'll still race home just to feel his arms hug me and welcome me home.


Natalie and Lee said...

Just came across your blog... I can totally relate to this post! When I was engaged, ALL I heard is,"Wait until you are married 15 years," "Oh gosh, it will all change once you get married," "Planning a wedding is stressful and I would not even plan one, just go to the courthouse." It used to make me so mad! People are so negative! I've just learned to smile and keep going... I will just see for myself. It's only been five months since we have been married but it's better than ever! Just blow those negative Nancys off! :) Loving your blog!!

Tenacity said...

It's not negative nancy, really, its just that there are things you lose, or trade, to share your life with someone. And the longer the sharing the more you exchange, the more you sacrifice. It's bittersweet, because when you hand someone your heart, you are at their mercy in a particular way, and everyone makes little mistakes. Imagine walking around in your daily life holding an egg, how difficult it would be to not break it, to be mindful of it constantly. After 13 years, my egg has a few cracks, but so does my husbands. And that's both sad and beautiful at the same time...also a little funny, really.

laura said...

Hey T, you're totally right! I completely understand that rough patches come with committing ones life to someone we love. There were struggles before the wedding and there will continue to be new surprises throughout our marriage together.
But, at the end of the day, I want to know that he's the best thing to ever come into my life and continue to be grateful for him despite our challenges. I see that in you and J...thanks for being a good example to us!

Natalie is right, though, that it sometimes feels as though people assume we didn't know that there wil be challenges ahead. It's like an impending doom that they're warning us about. I appreciate having the hope and joy and trust that we're ready for what's to come. With all it's cracks.

Thanks you guys!