Thursday, July 24, 2008

Potluck Ettiquette

I found this blog today about potluck faux pas and think it's a must read if you've ever hosted or attended a potluck. Really, I can't tell you how many times many of these items have happened to me (especially number 4...I always get soooo many potato chips!!).

Anyway, let me know if you've been a victim of this or, (could it be possible??) you've actually committed some of these crimes!

A few potluck rules of thumb. This comes from the post punk kitchen blog:

1) Coordinate with others so that not everyone is bringing sweets.

2) There has to be at least one lasagna.

3) Bring your A-game, spend a few hours in the kitchen, now is the time to impress, not to cut corners.

4) Bring something! And not a little bag of chips, either. If you absolutely can not cook something, then call the host and see what is needed - drinks, fresh fruit. Something. But if more than a few people are doing this, that makes for a crappy potluck.

5) Don’t plan on cooking at the host’s house. What the hell is that about? If you have to do that, then call the host and see that it’s okay. Warming up is absolutely permitted, but preparing your whole dish there without warning? No. Just no, never, no.

6) Bring big portions. Some people have said they bring enough for 6, but why? Is it really that much harder to cook for 12? Like I said, now is the time to go all out. Make time in your schedule, prioritize the potluck. Mean business!

7) Help the host clean up. Or at least offer to. They will probably say no.

8) The host should not be doing most of the cooking. As the host it’s your job to really bring it because it’s your kitchen, but it isn’t your job to bring…all of it.


tequila said...

Lol. But what if chips or fresh fruit **is** your "A" game?

Darrell Crowther said...

Okay, this is probably a little known fact about Mormons, but we are the Masters of the Potluck. No, I have never committed any of these atrocities, and the only Mormon I've ever seen do any of these is my rude sister-in-law, and she's a little bit crazy.



tequila said...

Ok. My turn to share a memory. I remember seeing you the first time on campus and thinking you were a snazzy dresser. And then, months later, reading about you in that 'getting to know you' e-mail thing we did, and feeling sooo relieved when you described yourself as progressive and open-minded and then jokingly wondered if there were others like you out there. I couldn't write back fast enough!

Anonymous said...

What about when someone brings something and without asking,takes the item they bought back home with them?